Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Read this Blog before you Register on BigSpot

Why is A Scam!


Different online survey offering website companies say that they will give a great amount and prizes only for completing some survey but you find it so hard to pick the legit online survey providing website company. Bigspot is the online survey giving website that promises you to make you have good money, if you participate in online surveys given by this website. For registering on this website, you first have to log onto the website of Bigspot then you need to provide your email address and then you are given options to choose from, one survey taking company out of so many surveys that are available on the site.

Many ads are run on TV that promote Bigspot's website, these ads try to convince people to join this scam website in the hope of earnings. Never get trapped by those ads that simply spread wrong information about this website. In this world of economic pressures, people have become so dishonest and they can sink to the depths of greed and lust of money. Never let this type of fake survey providing websites know your information because all they do is spread it all around and put you in great trouble by flooding bulks of emails to your junk.

I have to admit, their TV commercial is catchy but it's fake all the way! They are not a survey company as the video says:

The owner of the Bigspot site is very smart, he knows the way to attract people to this website and make them share their information with them that is highly commendable. Whenever, you visit the website of Bigspot, you get to see a personal information form that requires your personal data and the one that you are asked to fill out for taking surveys. Be aware of these scams on internet because it has become so common and a very big percentage of income is generated with the help of these scams and games that are played with innocent people who don’t know anything about this dirty business.
Bigspot is connected with different types of survey taking companies that use this scam website in order to get people trapped by them. The moment you give any piece of information to Bigspot about yourself, it gives it to those scam survey taking websites in which some of them pay very little and most of them don’t pay a single penny to you. They just fill your junk mails with products advertisements in order to draw peoples’ attention to their products. This is a tactic of drawing people to their brand or product. Therefore, don’t opt for Bigspot.Com.

Bigspot scam has fooled millions of people so far and planning to trap more. Bigspot scam’s target is those people who are not satisfied with their full time job and seeking some extra sources of income. Bigspot convinces those people to join that website by offering them some incentives like big cash and prizes. People who are not familiar with this word scam are more vulnerable to such scams. So, if you are seeking an online job that is able to give you money then search for the legit websites that in reality give cash for just doing simple tasks.